My Clients Can Keep LogMeIn for Free

logmein-freeIf you are a user of LogMeIn, you should be aware that LogMeIn is eliminating their free service. If you currently have a free account, you will have seven days to switch to a paid LogMeIn account the next time you log in to Many people are upset about this sudden change, as the free LogMeIn service was very popular for simple remote needs.

Luckily for my clients, I have a way to continue using LogMeIn for free. I already subscribe to a premium LogMeIn service that I use to remote control my clients’ computers. I can assign my clients access to their own computers when they are controlled under my account. I do not incur any additional fee when I assign my clients access to their own computers, so I will happily give my clients control of their own machines when needed.

If you are an existing client of mine and currently use LogMeIn Free, contact me right away and I can reconfigure your LogMeIn software to use my account. By the way, if you are my client and would like me to be able to remotely control your computer, click on this link Because I can often resolve issues quickly over a remote session and I do not need to drive to your location, I offer a discount on my service fees when I can resolve issues over remote control.

If you aren’t currently my client, feel free to contact me and let me know what I can do for you!