Is Your Web Site Secure?

wp-securityA recent major security vulnerability in web content management systems WordPress and Drupal last week highlighted the need for business owners to be more aware of potential risks to their web sites. The use of content management systems (CMS) to build web sites has exploded in recent years. Where in the past most web sites were built from simple text and graphic files, CMS based web sites employ relatively complex software systems running in the background. These systems, like any other software system, have potential security issues from time to time and need to be maintained just like any other software system.

Business owners need to understand if their web site is based on a content management system so they can take proactive steps to maintain the security of their web sites. With older simple web sites, the web hosting company was primarily in charge of securing the web site. With CMS based sites, the web host can be secure, but the CMS can still be vulnerable. Securing the CMS is the responsibly of the business owner. While most business owners would assume their web designer is on top of the security of their web site, managing a CMS requires more of a technical skill set. The reality is that most web designers are not technology professionals and may not be managing the underlying technology of a CMS based web site.

My WordPress Maintenance and Support service covers my clients from security issues like this, as I actively maintain and support the underlying technology behind WordPress-based web sites, whether or not I developed the web site for the client. But regardless of the type of web site your business has, if you have any question regarding the security of your site, feel free to contact me so that I can evaluate it. I can determine the underlying technology your site uses and if your site is at risk of any security vulnerability.