The 15 Most Important Technologies of the Last 15 Years – #1: The iPhone

I’m sure this is probably no surprise to most of you. It really was a no brainer to me what the most important technology of the last fifteen years was. The hard part was filling in the other fourteen! It truly goes without saying, but I’m here to say it anyway: the iPhone impacted the computer industry and our society like few other technologies have in history. It is the clear example of what a disruptive technology is. It has defined the last 10 years of technology and along the way amplified the effect of many of the technologies on my list of most important technologies.

Of course, we all know the iPhone was not the first smartphone. However, the iPhone completely changed the game. Before the iPhone, the smartphone was the exclusive domain of corporate employees and tech-savvy individuals. After the iPhone, the smartphone became a staple of everyday life. The iPhone kicked off the mobile device revolution and in doing so, has put incredible power in the palms of our hands.

  • Social networking would not be so social without mobile devices. In fact, much of the growth of social media can be attributed to the rise of the iPhone, and still to this day the iPhone is often regarded as the dominant platform among social networking users.
  • The iPad and the end of the PC era may not have come to fruition without the iPhone clearing the way. People may not have been as receptive to tablets had they not fell in love with the iPhone.
  • The power of Google is magnified when the world’s information is literally at our fingertips, no matter where we may be.
  • The mobile device revolution has put a GPS device in nearly all of our hands, making us safer.
  • The incredible growth of YouTube and other media sharing services is largely due to the mobile device revolution, along with the significant increase in the general consumption of digital media in all forms.

The iPhone turned out to be the computing device that we all wished we had, yet didn’t know what we were missing until we had one. It redefined what computing could be in the terms of ease of use and through its mobility made it more powerful. It has literally impacted nearly every aspect of our society and it is no stretch to say that the iPhone has changed the world. Because of this tremendous impact, the iPhone is easily the most important technology of the last fifteen years.

How has the iPhone and the mobile device revolution changed the way you work and play? Also, now that my countdown is complete, what are you thoughts on the entire list? Did I miss anything? Should the order have been different? Comment below and share your thoughts!