Q: What can I do with my old computers and parts? Should I just throw them away?

Tech Q & A
– Submitted by Karen O’Koniewski

A: Old computers and peripherals contain a lot of substances and materials that can be bad for the environment. Depending on your locale, it may be illegal to throw old technology in your normal trash. So ideally, I would recommend that you recycle your old technology. However, finding a company to recycle old technology can be difficult. Fortunately, a familiar business name is now making technology recycling very easy.

Office Depot has recently begun a technology recycling service. For a small fee, you can purchase a box from your local Office Depot store. You can fill this box with almost any type of old technology parts, such as computers, monitors, keyboards, printers, etc. There are a few exceptions of what you can recycle for safety reasons, most notably cracked monitors. Then you bring the box back to Office Depot and they ship it off for you. Your only cost is the original purchase of the box. A small box costs $5, a medium box $10, and a large box $15. Be sure to stop by your local Office Depot for more details.

If you have need to recycle a large amount of older computer equipment, don’t hesitate to contact me. I know of other companies that cater to larger recycling projects as well.