Q: How do I connect my computer to my TV?

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A: For a myriad of reasons, people often want to connect their computers to a TV. Depending on the type of computer and TV one has, this can be very simple or quite difficult. The good news is that as more people own HDTVs, this task becomes easier and easier. But even those users that own older TVs can still often connect their computers to their TVs.

Ideally, if your computer has a DVI output, you can connect your computer to your HDTV with the use of a DVI-HDMI converter cable. Since both DVI and HDMI support digital signals, this type of connection delivers the best possible picture quality and ease of use. Some computers on the market and a few laptops actually have HDMI connectors, which makes the connection even simpler.

If your computer does not have a digital output or your TV is not an HDTV, then things can become tricky. Some TVs have a “computer” or VGA input. If you are lucky enough to have a TV with a VGA input, then simply connect your computer to the TV with a VGA cable. If your TV does not have a VGA input, then you must resort to attempting an s-video or composite connection from your PC – if your PC has these types of outputs. If your computer only has a VGA output and your TV does not have a VGA input, then you may be out of luck. There are adapters available to convert a VGA signal to an s-video or composite signal, but these can be fairly pricey and the quality of the signal only so-so. You’d probably be better off purchasing a new video card that supports a more direct connection as described above.

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