Q: Is there a service fee for the iPod Touch?

Tech Q & AA: As the popularity of the iPhone continues to grow at a phenomenal rate, many people have taken an interest in the iPhone’s sibling, the iPod Touch. While the iPod Touch can do nearly everything the iPhone can (besides phone calls of course), many people are not quite sure how the iPod Touch works or what fees are associated with it.

Unlike the iPhone, there is no monthly service fee for the iPod Touch. Since it is not a phone, there is no service to be billed for. The iPod Touch has Wi-Fi connectivity so it can get on the Internet, but just like a laptop there is no fee associated with using Wi-Fi (unless you are somewhere that charges you for Wi-FI usage, but that’s a different story).

Because there are no monthly service fees associated with the iPod Touch, these devices are becoming popular with parents that have kids who are asking for an iPhone. With an iPod Touch, their kids can take advantage of the many apps and games available for these devices but without the worry of running up large phone bills.

However, just like the iPhone, if you choose to purchase an app or music from the iTunes Store then of course you must pay for it (except for free apps, obviously). For music and most apps you just pay one time and you own it outright. However, there are now some apps that also require a monthly subscription fee. At this time those apps are few and far between, but it is something to keep an eye out for, especially if you are allowing your child to use or own an iPod Touch.

So it is possible to use an iPod Touch and not pay anything beyond the original purchase price. This would be true you don’t purchase any music or apps or only download free apps. Personally, most of the apps I currently use with my iPod Touch and iPhone are free. But it is also possible to buy a lot of music and apps and pay a lot of fees. It is just up to you how it is used.

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