Q: Should I upgrade to Windows 7?

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A: Microsoft released their latest operating system, Windows 7, on October 22nd. So now that anyone can purchase a copy of Windows 7 the question is can and should they do so?

First off, I advise anyone who uses their computer for day-to-day work to wait on upgrading for at least a few months, regardless of your situation. While Windows 7 has gotten good reviews pre-launch, remember so did Windows Vista. Let the early adopters weed out any serious problems or incompatibilities and let Microsoft and other vendors roll out the first wave of updates before considering upgrading. If you have spare machines or virtual machine software, then feel free to experiment with Windows 7 at any time.

I started writing this article intending to go over a few scenarios covering both Windows XP and Windows Vista users. However, as I started detailing the article, I quickly realized that it was getting way too complicated and unwieldy for an average user. I came to the conclusion that I could give a very simple answer that should cover the vast majority of users.

Basically, if you are like most users, I simply advise that you don’t upgrade to Windows 7. Not for the reason that Windows 7 is bad, but simply because for most users, the risk/reward equation is just not favorable. First, if you are using Windows XP, likely your computer is a little too old to fully take advantage of Windows 7. And even if your computer can handle Windows 7, the process of upgrading from Windows XP is technically challenging. If you are using Windows Vista, the upgrade process should be easier (to repeat – “should” be easier) , but if you aren’t having any real troubles with Vista at this time, you really aren’t going to gain any earth-shattering new features that make the potential risk of troubles worth it.

Here are links to a few articles detailing the potential pitfalls and challenges to upgrading to Windows 7:


Certainly, many technically savvy users will disagree with my recommendation. But again, I’m not targeting this article towards technical users. Bottom line, if you want Windows 7, then your best bet is to simply purchase a new PC. Of course, don’t forget that new computer can be a Macintosh!

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