How to Avoid Your Own Technology Horror Story

Marcel Brown - The Most Trusted Name in TechnologyHaving been in the technology industry for nearly 17 years now, I have seen my share of technology horror stories. Many businesses have suffered through disasters such as:

– Losing data without a backup

– Spending a lot of money on the wrong technology

– A disgruntled employee or web designer takes all of the company’s passwords with them

– A virus cripples their network in the middle of a deadline

– Losing credibility (and business opportunities) because their web site or social media presence was neglected or tampered with

The sad fact is that nearly all of these horror stories could have been avoided had the business taken the time to stay on top of their technology and related business processes. Of course, business owners and professionals are busy people and don’t have the time to conduct detailed reviews of all the technology that affects their business. And the rapid march of advancing technology makes this task more difficult every day.

That is why I am excited to introduce my new Technology Review service for businesses and individual professionals! For one low fee, I will perform a detailed review of:

– all key business technologies, looking at things like PC utilization, network efficiency, data backup processes, virus safeguards, and power protection

– supporting and/or 3rd party technology services, such as communications, mobile and remote data access, printing, e-mail, and security systems.

– core business processes that are affected by technology, covering accounting, payroll, document management, and customer service.

– ALL of a company’s or individual’s on-line accounts including Internet domain, web and e-mail hosting, and social media

– Individual professionals will receive a similar Technology Review, with emphasis given to technologies that target personal organization and communication as well as small group collaboration.

My Technology Review will allow businesses and professionals the opportunity to identify areas they can improve their technology usage and ensure they are keeping pace with their competitors, as well as maintaining control over their valuable on-line assists.

Schedule a Technology Review with Marcel Brown today and avoid writing your own Technology Horror Story!