How to Avoid Your Own Technology Horror Story

Marcel Brown - The Most Trusted Name in TechnologyHaving been in the technology industry for nearly 17 years now, I have seen my share of technology horror stories. Many businesses have suffered through disasters such as:

– Losing data without a backup

– Spending a lot of money on the wrong technology

– A disgruntled employee or web designer takes all of the company’s passwords with them

– A virus cripples their network in the middle of a deadline

– Losing credibility (and business opportunities) because their web site or social media presence was neglected or tampered with

The sad fact is that nearly all of these horror stories could have been avoided had the business taken the time to stay on top of their technology and related business processes. Of course, business owners and professionals are busy people and don’t have the time to conduct detailed reviews of all the technology that affects their business. And the rapid march of advancing technology makes this task more difficult every day.

That is why I am excited to introduce my new Technology Review service for businesses and individual professionals! For one low fee, I will perform a detailed review of:

– all key business technologies, looking at things like PC utilization, network efficiency, data backup processes, virus safeguards, and power protection

– supporting and/or 3rd party technology services, such as communications, mobile and remote data access, printing, e-mail, and security systems.

– core business processes that are affected by technology, covering accounting, payroll, document management, and customer service.

– ALL of a company’s or individual’s on-line accounts including Internet domain, web and e-mail hosting, and social media

– Individual professionals will receive a similar Technology Review, with emphasis given to technologies that target personal organization and communication as well as small group collaboration.

My Technology Review will allow businesses and professionals the opportunity to identify areas they can improve their technology usage and ensure they are keeping pace with their competitors, as well as maintaining control over their valuable on-line assists.

Schedule a Technology Review with Marcel Brown today and avoid writing your own Technology Horror Story!

Bill Gates, Steve Jobs Name Marcel Brown Head of New Technology Initiative

Marcel BrownApril 1, 2008 – At a joint press conference this morning, Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, and Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, announced Marcel Brown as the head of the new Technology Harmony Alliance, a co-operative initiative developed by the two well-known icons of the technology industry. As stated this morning, the Technology Harmony Alliance’s goal is to bring harmony to the disparate world of technology and its many users. Marcel Brown is the founder of Marcel Brown Technology Services, a company dedicated to offering quality technology service to small business and individuals.

“It should come as a shock to no one that we picked Marcel to head the Alliance. Throughout his life, he has always been willing and able to help anyone in need of technology help, regardless of platform or type of technology”, stated Jobs. Gates added, “Certainly his reputation as ‘The Most Trusted Name in Technology’ made this decision a no-brainer.” Asked to respond, Brown stated, “It is an honor to be recognized in this way. I will continue to do my best to ensure that all technology users can work in harmony with their chosen technology, as well as recommend the best technology for their needs.”
Also announced this morning was the location of the headquarters of the Alliance. According to Gates, “It only made sense to locate the headquarters of our bold new initiative at The Tech Spot. We know of no other place where computer users of all types will be able to feel welcome, whether Windows, Macintosh, or even Unix. There will even be an area in the store just for children, known as The Kid Spot. I mean, whomever is doing the marketing there is a genius!”
Jobs quickly added, “The Tech Spot will showcase the ability of Apple Macintosh computers to run not only the world’s most advanced operating system, Mac OS X, but also Windows as well as Unix operating systems. Combine this with the unparalleled expertise of Marcel Brown Technology Services on all these technology platforms, and well … honestly, I’m geeking out about it.” Gates then responded, “Well, you’ve always have been a pretty big geek,” at which point Jobs shot back, “Have you taken a look in the mirror lately?” Gates then appeared to make a motion to pick up his chair at which point security officials stepped in, bringing the press conference to a quick ending. Speculation arose, however it was later confirmed that Jerry Springer was not in attendance.

Also in attendance at this morning’s press conference was Tux the Penguin, the quasi-official mascot of the Linux operating system. When asked to comment, Tux gave no response, which was not surprising, as it is a well-known fact that penguins can’t talk, no matter what certain movies with dancing penguins may portray.

For more information about the Technology Harmony Alliance, visit For more information about Marcel Brown Technology Service and The Tech Spot, e-mail or call 618-580-6256.

November is Anti-Virus Update Month

icon_virus.jpgDon’t miss our money saving offer in this message!

If you have older or outdated anti-virus software, your valuable data could be at serious risk! Viruses and other malware employ many tricks to try to avoid detection. Older anti-virus software may not be able to detect newer viruses and spyware – even if your subscription is current!
There is no better time than the month of November to make sure your anti-virus software is up-to-date. The 2008 versions of most anti-virus softwares were released earlier in the fall. By November, enough time has passed for the new anti-virus softwares to have been thoroughly tested and any bugs to have been worked out. So now is the perfect time to get the latest protection possible!

An added bonus this year is that the 2008 version of the anti-virus software I recommend, Trend Micro Internet Security, actually uses less RAM and system resources than the 2007 version. This means your computer could be faster with the 2008 version than the 2007 version. This should be most noticeable on older computers and computers with 512 MB of RAM or less. I am advising all my clients to upgrade as soon as possible. As long as your subscription is still current, Trend Micro does not charge you to upgrade to their latest version.

Additionally, to anyone who schedules an anti-virus update service in the month of November, I am offering 50% off the price of Trend Micro Internet Security (a $25 savings), or $15 off the cost of the service if new anti-virus software is not needed. So take advantage of this offer before the busy holiday season arrives!

Call Marcel Brown Technology Services at 800-797-8714 or 618-580-6256, visit our web site, or e-mail me at to make sure your computer is safe!

Finally! A Macintosh Expert That Comes To You!

Marcel Brown
Those of you that use Macintosh computers (or know someone who does) are all too familiar with the problem of finding a qualified Mac expert. Most Windows technicians cringe (often literally) at working with a Macintosh. The Genius Bar at the Apple Stores can be helpful, but you must bring your computer to the store, wait times are often long, and the “genius” often doesn’t live up to their moniker. And good luck trying to find someone who understands BOTH Macs and Windows along with the ins and outs of making them work together. Wouldn’t it be great if you had access to a true technology professional with over 13 years of experience on Macintosh computers – in addition to Windows and UNIX? Certainly, it would just be a dream if that expert would come to your home or business, right?

Wake up from your dream and give Marcel Brown Technology Services a call today! Marcel Brown celebrated his 5th year in business as an independent technology consultant this year, but he has been in the technology industry for over 13 years. For all of those years, he has always worked with Macs as well as Windows and UNIX. This unique combination of expertise along with his focus on the small business and individual makes Marcel Brown an indispensable resource. No one else in the St. Louis area can offer you this level of expertise with all computing platforms, not to mention the fact that he will come to your home or business. Whether your need is service, support, consulting, or advice, Marcel Brown can do it all.

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