Your Older Computer Can Be Like New Again!

Supercharge Your Laptop!With new technology that has become affordable in the last couple of years, it is amazing what can be done with older computers to make them run nearly like new. I wrote an article about this last year (“It’s Upgrade Season!”) and you can read the article to get the technical details about the type of upgrades that can be done. But suffice to say that I’ve been very busy lately performing these upgrades on a lot of computers and I can honestly say that every single client has been extremely happy with the results.

I want to put the word out there that if you have an older computer and you would like to make it work faster, you don’t necessarily need to get a new one. Additionally, a lot of upgrades I’m doing are because the computers are starting to have problems. Quite often on older computers, the original hard drives are starting to fail and replacing them can make the computer work perfectly again, saving the cost of purchasing a new computer. Unfortunately, a lot of people have no idea about the types of upgrades available and simply go shopping for a new computer – where of course the salespeople will never mention the full range of their options.

Before you spend money on a new computer, regardless of whether it is simply slow or malfunctioning, let me check it out and determine if adding more RAM and replacing the hard drive with a solid state drive will “supercharge” your computer. Not every computer will be a good candidate (and I’ll be honest with you if it is better to spend your money on a new computer), but many that are up to about 7 years old are – even a couple of years older in some cases. Mac or PC, desktop or laptop, contact me today to find out! And please, if you know people who have older computers and are complaining about them being slow or considering buying a new computer, please share this article with them so that they can at least be informed of their options!